We’re getting personal today guys. So strap in and get ready!

So, on Sunday I went to my parents for Easter lunch and in the 2 hours I was there I had to pee like 3 times. Right away I was aware that something seemed a little off with that, but I ignored it because hey, I do drink a LOT of water.

Fast forward a couple of hours though and I’m still peeing pretty frequently except I’m not really peeing. I just try to go to the bathroom and there’s no pee that comes out.

Six hours after I get back from my parents house and now it hurts every time I have to pee and I still feel like I have to pee again before I’ve even left the bathroom and now there’s trace amounts of blood coming out of my pee too.

No. It’s not my period. I’m straight peeing out bits of blood!!!!

I’ve never had a UTI before, but I’m pretty in tune with my body and I googled my symptoms almost as soon as they started showing up. In fact prior to googling them I drank a glass of cranberry juice because that’s what you do; right?


Okay so here’s what I did. It’s Sunday and a holiday; the student center isn’t open and I’m kind of an undercover hippie who avoids antibiotics at all costs anyway. But I’m feeling flushed and fatigued and there’s a definite possibility in my mind that I could die of this thing. I’ll take whatever is going to get me out of this painful hell.

And that’s when I stumbled upon D-Mannose after googling natural ways to cure a UTI.


According to this study D-Mannose is a sugar that binds to the unhealthy UTI causing bacteria in the Urethra which you can then easily pee out. It’s also been proven to be effective in clearing up UTIs.

Basically I jumped into my car and speed to the nearest health food store and asked the first employee I saw if they had it. I was in luck and within 12 hours things were pretty much all cleared up.

What I did was take one capsule and place it in 4 oz of water with 1 tsp of baking soda. The baking soda makes your pee alkaline which means the bacteria causing the infection will more willing to bond with the D-Mannose because they’re not it a threatening acidic environment. I took it with only 4 oz of water because I wanted to give the evil UTI bacteria time to bond with my supplement.

2 hours after taking the D-Mannose and baking soda I started chugging water to get as much bacterial out of my system as possible through waaaaaaay too many bathroom trips. I repeated this every 4-5 hours I was awake and BOOM! No more UTI 12 hours later!!

Obviously this won’t work exactly the same for everyone, but I was lucky and caught it almost immediately.

If you’re looking to buy it in bulk amazon has some awesome deals!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite natural remedy secret?

things pretty early, and get this! D-Mannose is known to help prevent the onset of UTIs if taken regularly (Think 1 capsule once a day if you’re prone to them or like right after you have sexy times).

Going Full Veggie

Alright here’s the dealio,

I’m not the worlds biggest meat eater as is, I go to college and because I live on campus I eat on campus.

After watching food inc. (a really incredible and eye opening documentary. So. Good.) in high school I was a full fledged vegetarian for the next 6 months. Eventually I transitioned back to eating meat as long as it was antibiotic free and could prove that it had been raised and killed humanly. That’s what was right for me at the time.

Freshman year of college I was essentially a vegetarian because I had no idea where my meat was coming from and I wasn’t about to put sketchy stuff into my body (cause I totally didn’t do that and gain hella weight anyway). And after reading Eat to Live I was vegan for 3 months.

It’s safe to say that I am no stranger to going for log periods of time without meat. For me I’ve always just listened to my body and done what’s worked. So, when my boy friend and I were talking this weekend about a philosopher who thought that we shouldn’t have the right to kill animals because they have souls and feel pain as well we decided that we’re going to do the Vegetarian thing for a while.

I’m always down to try “new” (or not so new) things and mix it up, and since we haven’t decided how long this will last it doesn’t really matter to me. I know that I can be guilty of eating way too much meat when I do eat meat though, and that can really add up and increase my carbon footprint; which is never a bad thing to try to decrease.

I’ll be posting some things about the basics of going vegetarian over the next couple of weeks (maybe longer) but I thought I would let you guys know what was up before I really got into things. Posts will continue as normal though, and I’ll do my best to stick to things you all find interesting.

Question of the day: Have you ever gone vegetarian? If so how was it? If not would you ever consider it? Why or why not?

Greens are a go!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone!!

This morning I woke up and headed down to the gym as soon as it opened (9:00) I did 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill after a killer arm and shoulder workout yesterday!

IMG_2895 IMG_2888

As you can see, I’m really hulking out in this pic. I’ve been really pleased with my arm progress lately.

After my quickie workout I headed out to meet my dad for breakfast. We met up at one of my favorite spots and I ordered a soy cappuccino to start.


After my wonderful kickstart I ordered the scrambled eggs with mushrooms, broccoli, and bacon. My meal came with a side of whole wheat toast and hash browns, but I asked them to leave the hash browns out because hash browns and toast a a few too many carbs at once for me!


After breakfast I headed home to get some work done and also fit in some stretching. I’m trying to incorporate more of that into my daily routine so that I can touch my toes easily every day and not just sometimes!!

Around 2:30 I figured I should get some more food into my body, even though I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, but I have classes from 4-6:45 and being caught hungry then is the worst!

To celebrate St. Paddy’s day I whipped up a green smoothie bowl based on a recipe from Oh She Glows. It wasn’t my favorite recipe I’ve ever made from this website, but I think that’s mainly because I’m not a huge fan on regular coconut water. I think I’m going to toy around with this recipe though until I tastes a little more lime-y and a little less like coconut water!


I’m off to classes now, so have a happy rest of the day!!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite green smoothie recipe?

Tragedy at the Gym

Happy Monday!

This morning started out with the Green Warrior Protein Smoothie which can be found on OhSheGlows, an awesome vegan website which I’m totally loving lately. I Altered the recipe to fit what I had on hand, but it still turned out wonderfully, and any morning where i can fit in some greens feels like a win :D.

IMG_2728 IMG_2735

After Breakfast I geared up to go to the gym for some cardio. I’ve really fallen off of the band wagon with my exercise lately, so the run today felt harder than usual. Either way, I pushed though and did my half hour of intervals.

Tomorrow my mom has the day off, and since I’m on Spring Break we’re going to take a fitness class together. I’ll tell you all about it in tomorrow’s post!

After my cardio sesh I went to one of the boxes for box jumps, because they’re such a great exercise, and we don’t have then in my gym at school. 5 jumps in though tragedy struck! I didn’t pull my legs up fast enough and my shins hit the edge of the box pretty hard, successfully ending my gym session for the day!


I love veggies, there’s just so much you can do with them 😉

BEWARE!! my gory legs are in the next photo (they’re really not that bad)


Lunch came together in 10 minutes which was great! I love lunches that happen in a flash, and i really didn’t want to be walking around too much after my little incident.

Pasta with wilted spinach, tomato sauce, and lots of Parmesan cheese made for a tasty meal!


About 20 minutes later I was still feeling hungry, so I munched on a handful of nuts that fixed the problem.


I’ve noticed that on my cardio days if I do it earlier in the day I’m hungry for the entire rest of the day!!

Dinner was yummy shepard’s pie, with peas and carrots, i tried to take a picture but the memory on my phone was all filled up D:

Now I’m all curled up watching The Voice with my parents.

Question of the Day: What exercise always leaves you feeling hungry all day?

My Running Story

The first real memory I have of any sort of running was back in 6th grade when we did the mile run unit.

Let me tell you, that thing sucked. They stuck 40 eleven year olds out on a track for 4 weeks and made us run on that thing until we had all increased our distance up to one mile. At the end of that unit everyone had to run it together and get timed.

We did this for three consecutive years until I moved on to high school and proceeded to not run until my senior year of high school.

Running was not for me.

Until senior year. My senior year of high school I picked up an interest in health and fitness and by spring semester I signed up for track; because you know, why not?

I did the 4×4, 100 and 300 hurdles and later some mid distance.

Let me tell you, I was easily on of the worst runners on that team, but I loved track so much. The people were so wonderful, welcoming, and supportive.

Senior year ended and I headed off to college, where I worked out at the gym and running kind of fell off my radar. I chilled on the elliptical and did some lame-ass ab stuff that was mad not effective and then I gained a lot of weight from the partying, late night foods, and overly greased dinning hall meals.

Summer came around and I dropped a lot of the weight I had gained just from eating better and taking up my gym class schedule of weights and cardio again. And I started to go on walks that turned into walk/jogs, that turned into longer periods of running with walking and then winter and college came and I kind of stopped again.

Until about 2 months ago. Mid december I stepped onto a treadmill and though yeah, I can totally run intervals for like half an hour. Well let me tell you, I could not do intervals for even 10 minutes without my lungs feeling like they were going to explode and my entire body just sort of dying.

Usually I would have backed off and just gone “yeah, no running for me, where’s dat elliptical at?!” But something in me started to get so determined and furious and all of a sudden I was DONE.

Since then I’ve been running 2-4 times a week doing intervals and trying to get better at longer steady runs. I am not a good runner by any means. But over these past two months I’ve worked my way up to being able to go for 30 minutes alternating between 3.8 and 6.5/7 on the treadmill.

It’s not amazing progress. I run an 8:26 second mile on a good day. But I am so pleased with that.

Increasing my ability to run from 10 minutes to 30 is an incredible feat for me. I’ve come so far in these past 2 months and I’m looking forward to seeing where this continues to take me.

I’ll keep you all updated if you’re interested!

Question: What’s your running story!? Tell tell! I’d love to hear!!

Yoga and my Soul

Hello all,

I realize it’s been a while and that this post is coming a little about of the blue and a lot out of left field here, but last night I headed in to a yoga class to try and stretch my body out and relax a little bit.

Yoga has never been easy for me, but I’ve always felt energized and gently happy in my practice of it. Last night however I entered the space as usual and we began with a supported bridge pose.

It was apparent to me almost immediately that something was off in my body. I have no better way to explain this than that my whole body felt as if it were being pressed down into the ground with force and my soul felt really very heavy.

Throughout the rest of the practice I felt rather upset and a couple of times felt like tears were threatening to make an appearance.

I know I’ve been really busy this semester and there is definitely a lot on my plate, but none of it has felt like I couldn’t cope or that I was too busy to make some time for myself. i’m definitely feeling kind of tired, but that could be from my sleep schedule or something else, ya know? So when I entered this class and became almost acutely aware of these negative feelings something really seemed wrong.

I left the class a little early because it was becoming really hard for me to focus on anything but the distress I was feeling. So I was wondering if any of you guys have ever felt this way in a yoga practice or in general, and what you did to remedy this problem.

I would really appreciate hearing what you guys have to say as I think trying new things or your advice would be great!

Thanks everyone,

I’ll be posting a lot more regularly from here on out!

Whew, Vacation at Last!

Wow, last week was so busy I wasn’t able to keep up with my blog everyday goal. I also managed to pull my ankle, so no workouts for me these past couple of days.

Today however I got off of my internship (I’m interning for a Human Resources division of a company in my town over the break!) today and was revving to go to the gym.

Once I got there I did a 30 minute interval workout on the treadmill.

I’m really surprised by how much I enjoy interval training and how quickly half an hour goes by when I run like that.


After finishing that I found the biggest platform I could (it came up to just below my waist, and I’m 5’10!) for box jumps and proceeded to do 20 of those.

I must have looked pretty crazy, because three people stopped what they were doing to stare at me! One guy even walked up and openly watched me; it was pretty funny.

I did 20 nonstop box jumps and then I was done.

Funny enough, those 20 felt more exhausting than my entire run!

Question of the day: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone do in a gym?

Holiday Ornaments!

Today has been mostly centered around doing work for finals week, but I did head to a glass ornament making class I had signed up for weeks ago.

The class was really fun and we got to make three!

When I get them back in a week or two i’ll be sure to show you guys the finished product!

IMG_2190 IMG_2185 IMG_2189

Question of the day: what’s your favorite part of decorating for the holidays?

Treadmill workout because it’s cold

Truth time guys, I’m really not a fan of running for long stretches of time on the treadmill. Not going anywhere while I run makes me feel like I’m not doing anything and setting a pace that works for me just isn’t something I’ve mastered yet.

It’s snowing outside my window right now, and is decently pretty cold out at the moment; so with it being winter and with a goal of mine being to improve my running times and distances in the coming months, I’ve taken to the treadmill!


To keep things interesting for myself I’ve been doing interval training so that I can really focus on taking things minute by minute. Personally, I find this really helpful, because it switches things up before I can get bored!!

I had laid out my clothes on my bed so that when I got back from studying I really wouldn’t have an excuse not to go. Unfortunately, the gym was closing early today, so I only got in half of what I had wanted to!


Here’s what my treadmill workout looked like today:

  • Minute 0-1: 4.5
  • Minute 1-2: 8
  • Minute 2-3: 4.1
  • Minute 3-4: 8
  • Minute 4-5: 4.1
  • Minute 5-6: 8
  • Minute 6-7:30: 4.1
  • Minute 7:30-8:30: 8
  • Minute 8:30-9:10: 8.5
  • Minute 9:10-10: 9
  • Minute 10-11: 4
  • Minute 11-12: 3.5

My goal is to work up to sprints at 9s and jogging at 6.5s by the end of January, so we’ll see how that goes. The nice thing about this workout is you can make it as long or as short as you want, and then adjust the difficulty according to your needs!

When things start to get easier just amp it up and you’re good to go again :D.


Question of the day: What’s your least favorite piece of workout equipment and how do you make it more fun?

Henry’s Diner

After way too much studying this morning a friend and I headed down to Henry’s Diner, in Burlington for a break and some lunch.

I didn’t have high hopes for it to be honest but when we got inside the place was quaint and looked like it was out of an 80s movie.


I ordered coffee and a glass of water to start and was surprised by how wonderful the coffee was. There was no bitterness at all and the coffee was rich and full of flavor. I definitely had a refill.


For lunch I chose a tuna salad plate that came with coleslaw and cottage cheese.

I’m pretty picky about my coleslaw and tuna salad, but our lovely waitress said it was really good, and I figured either way I would have cottage cheese to fall back on!

When our meals came they were absolutely phenomenal and I can’t wait to take my parents back there when break roles around!


Question of the day: What’s one food your really picky about?